Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is your story being lost?

Too often with technology today, photos and communication are all digital. People Facebook, Twitter, Skype, text and email instead of writing a letter or card. Photos are one in a dozen, because you have a million of them on your phone, ipad, or computer. All great things...but where does it all go. Things aren't being written anymore. Stories of our emotions, feelings, and memories are somewhere out there in cyberspace. Families are so very busy (GUILTY), that we don't take time to stop and share the stories.

Our story is being lost. There is so much to tell. This is my core reason I create cards and scrapbook pages. I don't want my story to be lost. I still want to be able to write a special sentiment to someone, a tangible expression of my feelings. I don't want all the events of my life to be lost on the Timeline of Facebook. I want my story to outlast the latest technology craze.

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